Environment protection – is it a fashion trend or a truly serious problem for mankind? We can answer this question by pointing out several fascinating facts.


Each year, 5 tons of cosmetic products (sunscreen, skin creams, lipstick, eye shadow) end up in the Global Ocean. Women’s bodies absorb 2.5 kilos worth of cosmetics yearly.


Each year, approximately 125 million functioning phones are discarded to the garbage dump just because their owners are tired of them.

There is a mistaken assumption that the Great Wall of China and the “brightest city” New York can be clearly seen from space. This opinion is misguided because astronauts have said that it was much easier for them to observe the biggest garbage dumps around the world than the above landmarks.

How much time does it take for these seemingly innocuous objects to decompose:



A cigarette butt (including the filter) 



A can made of either aluminum or tin



Sanitary pads or pampers

Is humanity capable of changing these distressing facts right now?

Of course it can but it’s a very difficult and complicated process. Our company is thinking about tomorrow and about the kind of future our children will have.


The ECM Space Company actively participates in research projects which facilitate gathering the necessary environmental pollution data and does everything possible to create and perfect the Airspace technologies aimed at protecting the environment and diminishing the human negative impact on it.


ECM Space Company conducts space research for the purpose of obtaining standard regular information about the constantly changing nature on a global scale. Satellite images of the earth surface are of great importance to meteorologists and researchers studying the processes occurring on our planet.


Today, ECM SpaceCompany  science allows us to exert global control over the anthropogenic impact on the environment and the efficient use of natural resources, enables the development of “zero-waste” energy-saving technologies, and will engage the space industry to bring about ecological relief to Earth.



The ECM Space Company fully realizes the significance of this research and of the data it yields, which is why we take an active part in it.

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