The group includes two world-renowned companies.


Ekleft is a leading global outsourcing company providing a broad range of services and solutions in IT industry.


Company which was founded at the renowned Institute for Space Technology at the Technical University of Berlin.


We are a German company, established as a spin-off from the department of aeronautics at the Technical University of Berlin.

At the time of the start of cooperation in the baggage of all companies:

  • Training thousands of highly qualified specialists in the fields of programming, IT and AirSpace.

  • Companies have the best programmers, engineers and scientists. Production base, scientific laboratory and training centers.

  • Dozens of proprietary batch software, engineered equipment and scientific research in the areas of IT and AirSpace.

  • Extensive experience with the relocation of employees and the selection of the best personnel outside their country.

  • Own long-term practices of highly qualified personnel management.

  • Development of methods for teaching the best personnel in the areas of IT and AirSpace.

  • Unique system of separation and deployment of CubeSat satellites and the possibility of their own launches into space.

  • Unique global experience in introducing high-tech solutions to any industry. Unique methods of recruitment, staff training and staff migration.

ECM Space Company open up opportunities for you to develop your own space exploration program or refine, improve and expand an existing program. We are able to provide you with the widest range of services. From consultations and training of your specialists, to the development and implementation of sophisticated high-tech software and hardware in your business environment. With us, high technology and space becomes open to your good.

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