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Ekleft company was founded. 


Established ECM training unit.



Ekleft opens its first office in Germany. The company's first practice was in the implementation and support of SAP products.


Based on the TU in Berlin, the ECM establishes training practices. The first joint launch into space has been carried out.



Ekleft opens a joint development center with the largest European retailer of equipment. This development center covers the needs of Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Russia and Sweden.

New methods of flexible project management (Agile) are being actively implemented.

With the support of Microsoft based practice ASP.NET


The ECM receives the first order for AirSpace personnel training. ECM participates in state. EU programs. Participation in Tempus, Erasmus programs and FP 7 research project.

New methods of personnel training for the space industry are being developed.

More than 200 specialists have completed training at the ECM training centers.



Ekleft creates its own program for training and retraining software developers.

The first office in Ukraine is opened in Kharkov and Minsk. Belarus.

The company has more than 500 employees.


ECM receives state. contract from the EU government to train more than 1,000 people.

New methods of personnel training for the space industry are being developed.



Major SAP integration among Ekleft’s European and global customers.

On the basis of Kharkov Technical University(KTU), Ekleft created a program for retraining PHP developers in Ruby on Rails and Python.

Created its own development practice on JAVA.


Preparation of engineering base for the start of its own production. Preparing for  own space launches.

Signed a partnership agreement with German Orbital Systems.

Obtained agreement on joint work with Roscosmos.



Created the practice of training in IT for non-IT professionals.

A university program has been created in Moscow to train employees in the field of human resources management in the IT industry.


The first fully own launch into space. ECM begins cooperation with German Orbital Systems.

Start of development of own system of putting equipment into orbit.



Ekleft launches first project in Latin America.

In Ukraine, on the basis of KTU, a specialized development center in web-oriented programming languages has been created.

The company's annual revenue is $ 40 million.


ECM, in collaboration with German Orbital Systems, is developing a unique system for launching and separating small satellites with no engineering analogues in the world.

Testing of the soft output system of the Cubsat class satellites was successful.



Ekleft is developing a project to introduce automation of the logistics system for the world's largest tire manufacturer. The project covers 6 countries of the region (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, USA), more than 36 factories and logistics centers. As a result of the project, he is recognized as the largest of the successful projects in the region.

The first SAP support project for China and Brazil was launched, and a representative office was opened in Turkey.


ECM opens its first own scientific laboratory. This laboratory conducts its own scientific work on the work of high-tech electronic systems in space. The company participates in the state. Erasmus +.

According to the test results, the ECM equipment’s open space system has been recognized as one of the best of all.

Preparations are underway for the withdrawal of the first Kubsat class satellites using the new system for separating small satellites.



Opened a new office in Barcelona. The company opens a permanent office in Mexico.

Together with one of the world's leading consulting companies, we are opening a development center in Bulgaria. Ekleft is the largest supplier of SAP resources in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

The number of employees exceeds 1500 people.


ECM in cooperation with German Orbital Systems is creating its own production line. There, new systems for launching satellites of the Kubsat class are being produced.

The company develops its own design and production of satellites, separation systems, solar panels and ground stations.

ECM is actively receiving orders for commercial launches into space.



Ekleft opens a new office in Riga. The total number of the company is 2000 people. Annual revenue is $ 120 million.

Joint with a strategic client (the world's largest IT consulting company from the United States) opens an IT personnel management center. A partnership agreement was signed with the world's largest software development outsourcing company.

The company opened its first US office in Nashville, Tennessee and a project support office in Dallas, Texas.


ECM and German Orbital Systems are releasing the first installments of equipment deployment systems in space.

ECM carried out the first cluster launch with the removal to orbit of 17 commercial satellites. Completed contract with Airbus for staff training.

A new generation of separation systems based on the data of the first launches is being developed at the scientific laboratory.



Ekleft is launching the first situational IT infrastructure support center in Mexico, which is designed to meet US customer needs.

Start collaborating with ECM.


ECM begins planning regular space launches. Commercial launches into space are one of the leading activities.

Start collaborating with Ekleft.

Together, ECM Launch Services and Ekleft open up opportunities for you to develop your own space exploration program or refine, improve and expand an existing program.

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